Wednesday, February 12, 2020

semi automated multimeter

build a poor mans semi automated multi-meter
in a couple of minuets
saving the hassle of switching the plug from voltage to amps
and lowering the torque required to adjust the meter dial  

parts used for this build:
arduino (code servo mood indicator)
some cables
small black build box

and a short proof of concept video with an irritating music

resistance short test

 resistance added switch and plugs test

using the servo was far from a good solution 
having just 180 degrees of rotation so might switch the servo
with another type of servo or a stepper motor or something else
switching the knob with buttons or voice commands
direct connection of the box to the meter
adding multiple meters to a single hub (kfir idea)
modding the probes is the next step
adding small switches and leds on the probes
something similar to a logic probe maybe  

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