Sunday, January 24, 2021

neato speaker hack (stereo + bluetooth)

neato robot cleaner

needed to open and fix the side brush

 o-ring dried and failed

and while waiting for the o-ring to arrive

saw an actual speaker instead of just a buzzer

and thought of a nice new upgrade to its boring sound

used some stuff that i already had 

bluetooth module cost about $1

amplifier module cost about $0.25

also added another speaker that i had

speaker resistance should be the same for both sides left / right

lower resistance is better in general

in the case of neato d85 it was 8 ohms 1.5w  2.5cm

quick inspection look like ajt 436 so maybe max 436?
package size is 1x1mm

a matching speaker should cost about $0.40 

and small diy job of wire extensions and speaker mounting 



current consumption while idling is about 190mw
while playing at full volume consumes around 850mw
although i dont mind if the robot battery wont hold the charge
to complete the full cleaning cycle it might be worth 
to add a small separated battery for the music section

and a short video
sounds much better and most importantly
stronger then the boring vacuuming sound

sound and motor test
still get some annoying distortion

need to get a stronger neodymium speakers

the location of the added speaker seems reasonable
and should be facing the middle of the room
as the opposite side housing the side brush
which should face the wall and corners

more photos and videos to be continued

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  1. I like what you are doing....
    I almost do the same i buy stuff from olx at real cheap price and fix it and use it....

    Pa:olx= indian equiv of ebay but only for second hand p2p goods and services

    Ebay had to shut down in india proly due to financial losses.....

    I am an Electronics Jr. eng.
    I recently got an ipad 3 super cheap was looking at how to run it without battery and found your old post had the same idea but it seems its pmic is briken as it heats up real bad even checked all the caps but no luck looks like ic is gone.....

    Lovely to follow your blog i have bookmarked it if i don't forget about you then ill sure give it a read regularly